hi world i am g…

hi world i am going to talk too you about coloured sunglasses today.

So you see your mum wearing sungalsses but they are black or white but you want to have coloured ones  so  that’s why i’m going too talk to you about the sunglasses so you can be fashionable.So it can be in all colour’s at the mall so you can find the colour you want.But you shouldn’t cry about the colour the shop has becaues you be fashionable with every single colour  like the colour’s of the rainbow.So you can be fashionable with light blue but you want pink you can still be fashionable with that colour.


bye bbpopstar 🙂



2 thoughts on “hi world i am g…

    • Thanks bagnshu for the comment I would love to here from you soon keep it going with the comments oh and by the way i love the name bagnshu. So keep viewing the blog to get more fashion info.

      Take care


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