what to wear at this place

Hello world i am going to play a game called what to wear at a place.

So you are going to the movies with you friends but you don’t know what to wear you should wear some skinny jeans, red top,jacket and some white ballet flats.

You’re  having a date at the park with your crush but you want to look good not like you are going to work out. Wear a pink top with leggings and some sports shoes and a watch.

You and your friends are going shopping at the mall so you can wear a dress (not short)  some  ballet flats & a headband.

You’re going to go to a prom/Disco but you have nothing to wear so you wear a white dress some ballet flats and a headband and a handbag.

So you are going to a dinner date with your crush and you want to look good, you can go casual or formal. So for casual you can go with skinny jeans,top,ballet flats.Now for formal you can go in a dress (not short) and high heels or ballet flats.

So you’re going to a pool party and you don’t have good swimming cothing.

You should wear a one piece siwmming costume or if your crush is going to be there, wear a two piece.

Bye world

bbpopstar 🙂


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