High tops

Hello world I am going to talk to you about Converse high tops
High tops can be in black or white or if you want in colour the colours of the rainbow
They can be laces or zip ups,high or low. This is everything you need to know about high tops if you’re going to wear them. First of all you need to know you size.
1.You need to know if you will need kids,adult,female,male….

2.Get the colour you want.You need to get the right colour ’cause to get the right outfit, you need the right shoes.

3.Go to the right store. Visit stores like the Converse store and Foot Locker and shops like that.

4. Be fashionable with your zips and laces (eg. Changing the colour of your laces).

5.Have fun and make it work!

So go buy some, they will be stylish!!!!!!!!

Stars (celebrities) are wearing high tops right this minute.

Go ask your mum or dad now to get some over the holidays and be fashionable.

bbpopstar 🙂

Sorry if there are no photos i don’t no how to downlode them on to the page 😦

If you know how to do it can you post a commet so i can know how to do it thank you 🙂


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