Coloured headbands

Hello world I am going to talk to you about Coloured headbands. Everyday at school/work you have to wear black,navy and more boring colours. Luckily I’m here to talk to you about coloured headbands. So first of all you need to find the right stores like Diva, Big W, Target and more.
You need to get the right colour. Black, brown and navy is a no no. But the colours of the rainbow would be beautiful to wear to formals, parties, graduations and also weddings. Also, don’t forget you can also wear them to a walk in the park, a day at the mall or a night in the city. A beautiful headband with beautiful clothing. So you got the headband now its time for the cothing. A red varsity jacket,hotpink skinnyjeans,yellow sunglasses and black high tops with a white coloured headband. Now I got some good white,pink,blue,black,red wickëd sista headbands. There was a sale at a chemist, 2 for 5.00, but before it was $9.95. It has a fabulous grip for your hair and head. You know how I said black is boring? Well sometimes it can be fabulous and beautiful. The coloured headbands have a slim built for any type of head. The colour can not be scratched off no matter how hard you scratch.So shiny you can see yourself in it.
I recommend the white ones for formals and weddings, black for graduations and a night in the city , blue for the beach, pink for a walk in the park and a day at the mall and last red for a party…..

Stars are wear them right now…..
Go are you mum or dad now or go buy one.

I’m telling you it will look beautiful, fabulous and cool!

bbpopstar 🙂


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