Hey world I am bbpopstar and I am going to talk to you about Sneakers!

First you can find this fashion piece anyway you go to or travel to like New York, USA, London, Korea, Tokyo, China and lastly Sydney. Wherever you go they have different styles like high tops to ones with a platform on it and your normal ones e.t.c. You with look lovely in all of them. Sometimes the sneakers can get a little out of hand. Do not wear them if you can not walk them because you will break your ankle so keep it on a height that you can walk in. They have some pretty cool styles for sneakers like stars all around it and all that. Most sneakers are weird looking like having a heel on it e.t.c. You can choose the ones that you can walk in so you don’t fall over when you walk in them. Different types of countries have different types of sneakers like in Korea there are sneakers that have no platform on it but that is just Korea. In London they are your normal shoes. Sorry if I don’t get it right, I do not live in London. Then in New York there are Nike shoes. But that is okay because I love Nike. They have fashion shoes not just sport shoes. In Tokyo the sneakers have really high platforms at the bottom of them.


bbpopstar 🙂




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