Bowling & what you should wear!!!

Hey guys. Sorry I didn’t post. I needed to think about what to blog about. Its a very cold day today and I think that people always go bowling sometime in the year. So thats why I am creating this post on “bowling & what to wear”.

I think since it’s autumn in AUS I’m going to first do it for cold weather.

  • Firstly the bottoms. I think you should wear something comfy but fashionable. I say that you should wear a colour or plain pair of jeans or leggings (any colour).
  • Secondly the top. I think for the top you should put on a long sleeve top from Factorie or one you have at home. Any colour is fine.
  • Now since you have your top & bottoms you should pair them up with a jacket. I suggest you go with a cardigan or a hoodie but you can wear whatever you want to wear as your jacket.
  • You should have some shoes to wear with your outfit. I suggest you should wear a shoe that is easy to take off and put back on. You may wear boots like ankle boots with a easy zipper on it so you can take them off and put them back on. Remember that you need socks for your boots and your bowling shoes because if you dont have socks you will have to wear their socks or nothing. Also remember your shoe size as you will have to say it so you can get a good size for you bowling shoes or just look inside the shoes that your wearing.
  • Socks: If you want to have fun with your socks and not just wear plain white socks, you should have a bright colour or rainbow.Or at some bowling places they have glow in the dark bowling. If you have plain white socks thats fine; they will turn green!
  • You could, if you have time, paint your nails for the event! A neon pink or blue or any colour you have in your bathroom. I suggest you paint them the night or day before so it can dry in time.
  • Bag: For a bag you should just bring your handbag or a nice little backpack to put your wallet, phone, car keys (if you have a car) and an extra snack or gum.

Now I’m going to do a side for people in the USA in spring

  • Bottoms: You should wear spring pants like shorts or if it gets cold you should bring spare jeans to change into. You could check the weather on your phone or computer (maybe the newspaper) and see before hand.
  • Tops: A tank top is a good shirt to wear but it can also get cold. You could go with a jumpsuit or any top you have in you closet.
  • Shoes: You should go with a pull off sneaker or some ankle boots or normal boots with a zipper so you can pull it off and put it back on. You don’t want to make your friends wait and wait until you put on sneakers.
  • Socks: You should wear socks so you can wear them with your shoes or put them in your bag for when you have to use them.
  • Bag: A bag for bowling is a huge part because you have to hold it wherever you go. I suggest you should carry a backpack, your everyday handbag or a little handbag for your car keys, your phone, your wallet e.t.c.
  • Paint your nails noen or any colour the night or day before so it dries in time.



bowling_clipart_pin_banks cartoon-bowling-5



bbpopstar 🙂



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