Fashion For The Winter

Hello guys. I am here to talk to you about fashion for the Winter. I know that it can get very cold in every country even if it’s in summer you should get ready for the winter as it is one season away from it.

You should wear lots of warm clothing if your going to the movies, a restaurant, bowling, shopping e.t.c. You should wear a pair of leggings or skinny jeans as it will help you keep warm and the cold won’t go in. They maybe itchy but it will help you keep warm as well as the leggings.

You should wear a long sleeve shirt or a long sleeve baseball tee and mix and match with the sleeves. 

With the jacket you should wear a jumper with a Aztec pattern on it, so you can be warm and colourful. 

As for the shoes you mostly wear boots. I suggest you wear them with socks. Any colour can be used for your pair of boots and a quick on and off pair of sneakers.

If you want to wear a dress to an event, that’s fine, but I suggest you go with something not too short and not too long and something that has a good warm fabric to it as you will look good and be warm when wearing them.  


Have a nice day guys with your event and stay warm…bye guys

bbfashionable 🙂

I think you should go to the sites here that I suggest going to
















Image Image



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