Spring Fashion!

Hello Guys, One quick message is that I will now be posting everyday when I have something to post about 🙂

Any who, it’s a few weeks ’till Spring and I thought that I should start posting about Spring.

Spring is a type of Season where you just want to play outside with your friends or go for a day at the mall. But, if you where the wrong clothing then you will get a cold.

*I will give you the links to the clothing at the bottom of every photo*

  • Tops: You can wear short sleeve tops but you should wear a jacket.
  • Bottoms: Wear skinny jeans or shorts, but remember to not wear them too short.
  • Jacket: Wear a cardigan or a baseball Jacket, maybe any jacket is good but not short sleeves.
















Bye guys.

– bbpopstar 🙂



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