How to Draw the 13 on your hand like Taylor swift

Hey guys, This is my second time doing a how to! Ya.

So anyways everyone loves Taylor swift (Sorry if you don’t) i’m going to tell u how to draw it.


what you need:

  • a not-too-sharp pencil
  • a sharpie, or skin-safe marker
  • nailpolish
  • nailpolish remover


1. out line the ”13” on your hand using the pencil. It’s best to use bubble letters for this  draw over the 13 outline with the marker or sharpie
2.  just colour it in with a colour of nail polish
if you accidentally messed it up a bit, fix it with nail polish remover.
if the 13 marker outline isn’t as thick as it was, do another coat of marker
that’s basically it. if u wanna add decoration, get another coloured nail polish and just dot it around the 13.

Hope i helped 


bbpopstar 🙂










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