My favourite sets to date.

My favourite sets to date.

Fashionable Pink Hair

Hello guys, long time no see!

I am really sorry I have not been posting but I have not forgot this awesome blog 🙂

To start this blog up again, I’m creating a post about “Fashionable Pink Hair”.

So you all have seen people walking around at the mall or the cinema, and the person has pink hair but it is too bright. I’m going to show you fashionable pink hair (not that there is anything wrong with bright pink hair).

So you have seen celebrities with fashionable pink hair on the red carpet or on an award show & you think to yourself “I would love that pink beautiful hair”. Lets take a look at celebrities with beautiful pink hair.

ImageKaty Perry

Katy Perry looks beautiful in pink hair. If you look at the type of pink it is not too bright and it is not too light; it’s in the middle. This is why I love her hair colour, even if it was a few years back.



Kelly Osbourne with pink hair Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has that pink hair that looks a bit like purple. I think that is fine because she is still wearing pink and she’s rocking it.




Nicki Minaj with pink hair Nicki Minaj

Nicki has this sort of pink in her hair. It totally reminds me of candy!




ellie_goulding_Ellie Goulding.

Ellie is looking beautiful with her blonde-ish pink hair and I think everbody should wear this type of pink around town. Good on you Ellie 😉


These  were 4 celebs that have fashionable pink hair.

bbpopstar 🙂